Chiller maintenance in uae

Chiller Maintenance in UAE

We provide chiller maintenance services in all over Dubai UAE. Will assist you with promising you get all of the enormous areas for your chiller structure. We gives air cooled chiller upkeep plan as it is the most normal course of action.

Regardless of what the size of your air cooled chillers and construction support is basic to allow the bet to liberated from accessible energy, broaden the lifetime of your stuff and give inside concordance that you are doing all that you can for keep your cycle running and relaxation time.

  1. Inspect water inlet and outlet for leaks
  2. Clean out and inspect the sump for corrosion
  3. Cooling coils need to be inspected and surfaces cleaned. Check for leaks, corrosion, or bent fins
  4. The zone control actuators should be inspected, cleaned, and all adjustments made
  5. The compressor needs various areas checked. These include: refrigerant charge, vibration, crankcase heater, oil levels and changes, operating temperatures.
  6. Condenser fans should be cleaned, bearings need to be checked for wear and lubricated, and belts and couplings need to be checked and tightness checked or adjusted as necessary.
  7. The condenser coil should be check for corrosion and leaks and all finds or combs need to be checked for bent sections.
  8. The electrical disconnect should be inspected for proper operation and the contacts should be inspected and cleaned.
  9. The exhaust air damper needs to be inspected for proper operation, have the bearings lubricated, and calibrate or adjust it for optimal operation.
  10. Return air dampers also should be checked for proper operation, calibration, and bearings be lubricated.
  11. The fresh air damper should also be inspected, calibrated, and bearings lubricated.
  12. The filter dryer also should be inspected and any old, dirty, or damaged filters be replaced.


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